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Do you want to get back into compliance with the IRS?

People stop filing their taxes for many reasons, and at this point I’ve probably heard just about every reason. Someone once told me that they prepare their taxes by hand (don’t do that) and their dog ate it before they could mail it in.

As someone who specializes in Taxpayer Representation here in Hartford County, Connecticut, I will meet with many people each year who are ready to come back into compliance. Some of the more common reasons involve challenges from being self-employed or divorced, coping with the death of a spouse or loved one, or other mental or physical health challenges. Those reasons can become relevant later in the process.

Whatever your reason may be, it’s time to get this taken care of. When one of our local clients comes in to see me, or I speak to one of our remote clients, they could be at any stage of the process of becoming compliant. The fact that most people don’t realize the full extent of the situation they’re in can be a problem and can be a lot more expensive than it has to be.  

When coming back into compliance and filing back tax returns there are several different strategies that can be used. Each one will depend on the specific circumstances of the case. (And this is just talking about getting the returns filed, dealing with the balance due and the penalties is an entirely different conversation.) When you first start the process it’s important to work with someone who specializes in Tax Resolution. I’ve had clients come in, after their returns have already been filed, having to pay thousands more in taxes than they should have simply because they worked with a preparer who didn’t understand IRS and state collection procedures.

If you have back taxes you need to file contact us today to ensure that you come back into compliance while paying the least amount of tax. We work with clients both locally here in Windsor Locks, CT but also remotely with clients throughout the country.

Joseph Orabona

Vector Tax & Accounting LLC

576 Elm St.

Windsor Locks, CT 06096

 (860) 580-5183

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