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How to get your stimulus check if you don't file taxes

The constant flow of changes continues again today. By now most people know who is or isn’t getting a stimulus check. If you’re not sure if you’re on the list you can read through my earlier post. If you’re getting one but don’t want it, maybe you should reconsider that. Either way there was a group of people left out in the cold. Those who are eligible, don’t have a filing requirement, and don’t receive social security. Some have filed anyway to get in the system, others are still sitting on the sidelines. The IRS has been talking about creating an online portal for people who fall into that gap. Today it’s been unveiled. Here’s the link to their new portal.

Keep in mind that this is for people who do not have a filing requirement. If you simply haven’t filed your taxes and were supposed, this is not the option for you, you’ll need to file if you want that check. If you have back taxes you need to file contact us today to ensure that you come back into compliance while paying the least amount of tax and getting any refunds you can. We work with clients both locally here in Windsor Locks, CT but also remotely with clients throughout the country.

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