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Has the IRS called you? It could be legit.

I’d be surprised if someone told me they haven’t gotten a scam call from “The IRS”.  Some people found

these calls annoying, others found them laughable, but enough people found them convincing for scammers to collect millions of dollars.

While many people made fun of the calls, there were also many news stories about how to protect yourself from scammers.  One point I heard many times was that “the IRS never makes phone calls”.  The IRS’s favorite method of communication is by mail, but saying that the IRS never makes calls is an oversimplification.

A call will never be their initial contact to you, but if you don’t get your mail it may seem like their initial contact.  Our office in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, received about a half dozen calls from IRS employees last month.  Blindly assuming that it’s a scam just because they’re contacting you by phone can actually make things worse for you.  If you’re getting a legitimate call from the IRS that means that a serious issue has come up and they’ve assigned a dedicated agent to work your case.

Regardless of how you’re contacted, you should never face the IRS alone.  I specialize in taxpayer representation and IRS Problem resolution and can help you. They may be seeking money they aren’t actually owed, or the commonsense approach you think you should use could actually wind up back firing and costing you thousands more.  If you’ve received a letter, call, or visit from the IRS contact us today so we can discuss how best to resolve your tax problem.

Joseph Orabona

Vector Tax & Accounting LLC

576 Elm St.

Windsor Locks, CT 06096

 (860) 580-5183

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