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Have you gotten a letter from the IRS?

For an introvert I do a surprisingly large amount of public speaking. Here in Hartford County, CT I speak regularly to local organizations and I hate being redundant so, I’ll typically talk about a recent case. One common topic is a client getting an unexpected bill from the IRS demanding thousands and how I worked with the IRS to reduce or eliminate the amount allegedly owed by my client.

What is this magic wand that I get to wave? I don’t, sadly, magic wands don’t exist. The specific letter related to these cases is a CP2000. Every case and every letter is different. Some cases were resolved quickly and easily, others took stacks of paperwork and the better part of a year going back and forth with the IRS to resolve the problem. While working with clients locally in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and remotely with clients throughout the country the one common theme I’ve seen in these letters is that they are rarely accurate.

I’ve talked to far too many people who think that because it’s from the IRS that it must be right and they blindly pay it. With proper representation these can be reduced to the correct amount of tax. If you have received a letter from the IRS, or your state taxing authority, contact me today so we can discuss resolving your tax problem.

Joseph Orabona

Vector Tax & Accounting LLC

576 Elm St.

Windsor Locks, CT 06096

(860) 580-5183

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